ABICSA has started from scratch, started from an idea by a few interested and like-minded individuals, businesses, organisations and institutions. ABICSA is here because their support because they believe that the Chamber and its members can make a difference for whom engages with the Chamber and supports the Chamber.

The Aboriginal Business Industry Chamber of South Australia is a member based independent organisation. It was created in part due to the growing awareness in South Australia (SA) of the need to create a formal mechanism that has a focus purely on creating:

  • A commercially focused business mechanism to support existing Aboriginal Businesses
  • A formal mechanism that can identify and link business sectors with Aboriginal members to create opportunity
  • A professional mechanism that can represent the Aboriginal businesses of SA and lobby for opportunities and changes within Government, across sectors and liaise with other business chambers in the state and nationally
  • A place for Aboriginal businesses to access and to gain information and knowledge about the relevant laws and best practices that all registered businesses regardless of Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal businesses must have regards for in their operations, in their governance, in their employment practices.