Strategic Plan

About this strategy

Our strategy has four important target areas focussed on: building its profile, understanding the current commercial and legal environments, industry sectors, networks, relationships and most significant of all, build a strong membership and support their interests. As a new body, our first 12 months will be both exciting and challenging.

One of the interesting opportunities in this current environment is the renewed interest in Aboriginal enterprise engagement through governmental procurement policy changes and commitments, and increased interest in the private sector. ABICSA is in the right place and the right time for presenting Aboriginal businesses as an incredible group to do business with through commercial partnership.

This strategic plan will build on the present interests expressed by Aboriginal business of today. It will create working alliances with industries bodies and their leaders, host forums and activities for our members, meet with key stakeholders and enter into clearly defined relationships. It will meet and engage interstate peak bodies representing Aboriginal businesses, and position the Chamber to a be faithful, trustworthy peak body that its members and stakeholders can have confidence and assurance in and be known as a can do organisation.

Priorities & Strategic Objectives


Priority 1. Establish who we are, what we do and how we do it

ABICSA will continue to build its operational and strategic foundations to ensure all stakeholders have confidence that the Chamber’s commitment to its Values and our future internal and external relationships generate the best outcomes for members.

Strategic objectives:

  • Through our constitution
  • With respect to our Board
  • In our strategic plan
  • In our communication channels
  • In our symbol

Priority 2. Establish a partnership base

As a new representative body the importance of building meaningful and beneficial partnerships is essential. The ABICSA will actively seek to establish a sound partnership base which value adds to its operations and the services it provides to its members.

Strategic objectives:

  • With private industry
  • Associations, chambers and industry representative bodies
  • All levels of Government procurement
  • Other bodies are identified

Priority 3. Establish a membership base

The Chamber has been in contact with a majority of SA Aboriginal Businesses and various industry and government procurement units over the past 6 months. The ABICSA will focus on the development of a strong membership base to provide depth and ongoing security.

Strategic objectives:

  • Develop and build a database
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan
  • Development and implement communication channels
  • Raise and commit funds

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